Friday, August 8, 2008

Ben - Jammin'

My two year old grandson, Ben, loves music. When I go visit, the first thing he asks me, "did you bring your dulcimer?" Actually, it sounds more like "duhcimer" but he definitely knows what it is. We spend a lot of time enjoying music. I play the songs he knows and he sings along. Some of his favorites are Eensy Weensy Spider, Row Row Your Boat, Old McDonald, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Last week, my sister, BIL, and I went to visit them. They brought Ben a harmonica and taught him how to "play". Now we're trying to teach him how to play the right notes. But anyhow, he watched my sister, BIL, and I playing together and calling different songs. When my BIL gets up out of his chair...Ben grabs his harmonica, pulls the chair in close between my sister and I...crawls up in it and immediately calls out..."Row Your Boat".

It's so important when teaching young children to play music, that you play along with them. We'll have him jamming along with us before long.

Home From Vacation!

I'm home now and about caught up with everything. Thought I'd share some things from my vacation with my sisters. We carried our musical instructions and my youngest sister and I played together every time we got a chance. I play a mountain dulcimer and she plays guitar or concertina. She also sings...what fun we had!

Then we got together another time to play and this time my brother-in-law played with us.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ben Loves the Ocean!

Another Beach Photo

Here's another cute photo of my two year old grandson, Ben (on the left), with his "best friend" Liam.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ben At The Beach

My two year old grandson, Ben, loves playing in the ocean at the beach. Here's a cute photo.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Luscious Leaves

Here's a piece of artwork I created...kind of reminds me of spring. This is the time when all the little shoots are popping out of the ground with their beautiful leaves. This is such a beautiful season...a beautiful time of the year. It's like a renewal of life...such an inspiration for art.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Doodle Cut-out

My Doodle Drawing...

I love to doodle when I'm sitting around watching television or sitting in a meeting. I've been going through my old sketchbooks and looking at some of the ones I've done in the past. Here's one of my very favorites.
A friend of mine and I used to share art lessons...when we were both teaching art to middle school students. We met online and began exchanging ideas and lesson samples. We decided to meet in person at one of the National Art Educator conferences in Chicago several years ago. We had such a good time that we started attending these conferences annually and began doing presentations of the art lessons we used in our classes. People began asking so many questions about our lessons that we decided to put on CDs and sell them.
We call them "OODLES OF IDEAS" and we have four different CDs that we sell. These CDs are currently sold through a leading Arts & Crafts catalog under the name of "OODLES OF IDEAS".
More information can be obtained by posting a comment with your email address or by going to "View My Profile" and sending an email.

How to do a doodle...

This is such a fun way to create a neat doodle design. Once you've done your drawing, use colored pencils or markers to add beautiful colors. I'll be posting some more of my on the lookout for them.

Ben's Easter Egg Hunt

My grandson, Ben, will be two years old next Sunday. He loves bugs, insects, animals, etc. I see that when he opened his Easter eggs, he found some strange things inside. When I was young, the only thing I found in MY Easter eggs were "boiled egg whites and yolks" for real! Now kids open the plastic eggs and find coins and candy.

Easter Monday

Today is Easter in NC...ever hear of that. used to be called Easter Monday and we folks in NC always had that day off as a holiday...while everyone else in the nation celebrated Good Friday. Finally, NC changed and we now celebrate Good Friday like every one else.

According to Wikipedia....
The Easter Monday holiday in North Carolina stemmed from the tradition in the early 20th century of state government workers taking the day off to attend the annual baseball game between North Carolina State College (Now NC State University) and nearby Wake Forest College (now Wake Forest University and moved to Winston-Salem, NC). The holiday was enacted in 1935 and remained until 1988, when the official state holiday was moved to Good Friday to match the rest of the nation.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This is my grandson, Ben, who is 22 months old. He is a "busy boy". I visited him yesterday and he was showing me all of his new toys. He's so entertaining...and a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is my precious little Chloe who will be 10 years old in March. My DH says she's the age of a fifth grader...and he says she's "smarter than a fifth grader"!