Monday, March 24, 2008

My Doodle Drawing...

I love to doodle when I'm sitting around watching television or sitting in a meeting. I've been going through my old sketchbooks and looking at some of the ones I've done in the past. Here's one of my very favorites.
A friend of mine and I used to share art lessons...when we were both teaching art to middle school students. We met online and began exchanging ideas and lesson samples. We decided to meet in person at one of the National Art Educator conferences in Chicago several years ago. We had such a good time that we started attending these conferences annually and began doing presentations of the art lessons we used in our classes. People began asking so many questions about our lessons that we decided to put on CDs and sell them.
We call them "OODLES OF IDEAS" and we have four different CDs that we sell. These CDs are currently sold through a leading Arts & Crafts catalog under the name of "OODLES OF IDEAS".
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purplepaint said...

Hi Carolyn- I love your doodle! Thank you so much for visiting my blog -
I'd be honored to have you feature it! Thanks for asking. Marva