Monday, January 19, 2009

And here goes Sassy!

Ah, where's the other end of this thing?

Oh, I believe I see it!

Maybe I can catch it going in this direction!

There she goes...just a blur!

Where IS the end of that thing?

I give up...I gotta take a break!

Animals are truly funny...and so entertaining! My sister got a small dog about a year ago and she named her Sassy. Well, that was a mistake right from the start...'cause Sassie definitely lives up to her name. She taught Sassie to "ring a bell" on the door when she has to go out. My sister has a bird feeder on her deck with sliding glass doors which allows Sassy a full view of the deck, yard...AND all the birds coming up to feed. Every time a bird comes to the feeder, Sassy rings the bell to go out...and proceeds to chase them off...then immediately comes back inside to await the arrival of MORE birds. It's a delightful game for her.
Then my sister found something else to entertain Sassy and give her some exercise at the same time. She put a leash on her, then wrapped the leash around a hassock in her living room. Now...this leash is about a foot or so short of reaching all the way around the Sassy chases the end of the leash trying to get it...going round and round and round the hassock yipping at it the entire time...but never quite being able to "catch it". We watched her and laughed until our bellies hurt.

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