Monday, May 25, 2009

Odd Place for a Wren's Nest

We recently bought one of the "topsy-turvy" tomato planters and hung it on our deck. After the tomato plant was a pretty good size, along came a bad storm with lots of wind and the tomato plant broke off. We added a new tomato plant and along came Mr. and Mrs. Wren and decided..."hmmmm, what a nice place to build a nest and raise a family!" We water it from the upper deck and every time we start adding water...out they fly...and as soon as we move away from it...back they come. What determined little birds they are. Not sure whether the eggs will hatch...but we'll see.


LadyTulip said...

Ha!! -- Don't those little wrens do just the weirdest things??

I've got a nice size geranium hanging on the front porch, and within 3 days, the wrens tried to build a nest.

They decided that spot wasn't good enough, so they built a Huge nest out in our shed. I had no idea what it was 'till noah told me 3 days ago!! How do I get stuff out of the shed without the wrens getting in a tizzy?


Carolyn said...

Oh, you don't have to worry about them...they'll fly away and come right back. Every time we pour water in ours, they fly out and as soon as we leave, they come right back. Gene says the water won't hurt them. We'll see.

One time they put a nest in a hanging fern. I pulled it out THREE times then I just let the nest stay after that. They laid 3 eggs, but they never hatched. The fern was just too wet...but with this one, since the water drains through...they'll probably be fine.