Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puppy Dog Sitting Adventures

My husband, Gene, did some "puppy dog sitting" this afternoon while I was gone to play music. They both have crates but he didn't have them in their crates. When he first missed them, he started looking all over the house...finally found them both in the middle of the bed...and this is a HIGH bed. He got them back downstairs and blocked the stairs.

Then he got busy fixing a squash casserole. He decided he'd better check on the dogs...and found Bella sitting in the middle of the dining room table. All of the chairs were under the table...except for one which was out just a wee bit. Apparently, it was just enough for her to climb in the chair and onto the table.

When it came time to take them out in the yard for a while, he opened the door for them to go out. Usually, they take their time going down the steps...but all of a sudden, they took off...one went running in one direction...and the other one took off in a different direction..headed down the driveway. That's the one he started chasing first...since she was following Sadie, the brown lab who lives next door. Finally, he got them both and got them in the yard.

When he got them back in the house, he decided they needed a nap in their crates.

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PAK ART said...

That is a funny story. Sometimes the baby (puppy) sitter doesn't know quite what they are getting into when they say, "I'll do it".