Sunday, January 28, 2007

Family photos in Mexico!

C'est moi! with Ben at Tulum in Mexico!

We forgot to take toys. We bought some things for him to play with...but he had MORE fun playing on his stroller...climbing on it and taking the items in and out of the he found things in the room to play with. They had a large wall mirror...and he spent a lot of time looking at himself and us in the mirror...and laughing at us! He is such a happy baby...laughing all the time!

Lunch by the pool!!! Ben and grandson and daughter-in-law...who is like the daughter I never had! She is great!

My son, Tony, and Ben...overlooking the ocean from the top of the hill at Tulum!


Tanaya said...

What wonderful photos! It looks like you had an awesome trip.

We went there to Playa del Carmen for our honeymoon, 10 years ago. It was barely a town, let alone the bustling mecca that it looks like now!

Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

Wow - it looks like you had a great time!! I'm glad you shared your photos!!

Laura Kelly said...

Now the scenery your daughter in law is sitting with Ben looks VERY familiar! What resort did you stay in Playa del Carmen? That's where my brother and Meridith got married--we stayed at the Iberostar Resort. LOVED it! Had such a great time. Playa del Carmen is truly a beautiful place :)

croberts said...'re right...Playa del Carmen has grown. And while we were there, we saw lots of buildings in the downtown area that are in dire need of repairs or remodeling.

But...where we were was gorgeous...and I loved the houses and different and beautiful.

croberts said...

Tammy...this was my first trip outside the US...and it was a great experience...hope I'll get to do it again!!!!