Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new beginning...I love the new's like all the mistakes you've made are all gone...and you can begin all over.

I love to make New Year's resolutions...but I try to make ones that I know can keep...and then I try really hard to keep that I accomplish more of my dreams and wishes.

I resolve to be more creative every day...whether it's physically or mentally...whether I'm actually working on something...or whether I'm thinking of new ideas.

I resolve to be more organized...LOL! Everytime I organize...I can never find where I moved anything. And right studio is in desperate need of organization...or merely getting it back in order from all the work I was rushing to finish before Christmas.

I resolve to do my income taxes earlier this year...well, I usually do them the week before April 15. I have been known to run to the post office right before midnight...but I have been better about this for the past couple of years...I did them the FIRST week of April. So...this year...being retired all of last year...I'm hoping to have them done earlier...maybe in March. I MUST quit procrastinating on the things I dislike doing.

Last year...I vowed to write in a journal every day. I bought a ten year journal and I DID write every I resolve to continue doing this again this year.

And of always...I resolve to lose 15 that shouldn't be too hard...and I plan to keep eating healthy and be more active...that sounds better than exercising. Maybe I should buy a pedometer and see how much I walk each day...then I could strive to increase the number of steps I take...sounds good to me!

And lastly...I plan to continue stopping to "smell the roses each and every day" and to keep my priorities in order. We need to live each day as if it is our last day!


Lisa_R said...

Hi, I stumbled on your site and saw your mention of the pedometer. Pedometer walking is a great way let you keep track of how active you are. I've been using min for 6 months straight and love it. Mine is an Omron USB pedometer that connects to the computer and lets you track your steps, calories, etc. online. It's only availabe with With full disclosure, I'm with the company. But either way a pedometer is a great motivational tool:)

croberts said...

Thanks, Lisa...I'll look into it.