Sunday, April 8, 2007


I thought "Spring had sprung"...but for the past few nights, it has been below freezing here in North Carolina. I brought in some of my plants, covered some of them, and took a chance with the rest of my flowers.

I'm not sure whether the freezing weather will hurt tulips or husband says "no", but I have a friend who said "yes" and told me to cover I did. I have the most beautiful red tulips this year. This is the first year I've had tulips do so well. In the photo, you can see the dew still on the flowers.


Tammy said...

I feel so bad for the early spring flowers that get hit with cold snaps! I hope your lovely tulips survive. They are gorgeous! (We've been having snow and cold here in CO too...)

Carolyn said...

Most of my beautiful tulips survived...but some of the azaleas and the new leaves on the fig trees did not. I'm so glad I took lots of photos of the everytime I look at the photos, I can remember the beauty of those red tulips.