Friday, April 27, 2007


About a month ago, we were doing some spring cleaning...and we were setting things outside on a little stoop, that we needed to take to storage building. the midst of our work and before we moved these items, a pair of wrens began building a nest inside this "foot spa". Since they started their nest, we haven't touched those items. She laid her eggs and they hatched. So far, we haven't been able to tell how many babies are in there, because the nest goes so far back in the container and it's so dark.

Last year, we had the wrens build two nests, but one was close to our bird feeders and we think the blue jays got the babies before they were ready to leave the nest. They built the next one on another deck, but too close to the ground and we think a snake got them. We saw the snake crawl right straight up the wall close by. So, this year's nest is in a more secluded area from the other birds...and hopefully, wild animals. We're hoping they make it this year.

Wrens are such busy little birds and their song is SO beautiful! We've enjoyed watching them feed the fact, we once almost had a "collision". I was going out and one was flying in. This is an entrance that I have to use. They don't seem to mind our sharing of this little porch.


LadyTulip said...

I've got babies in our mailbox, thanks to the little mamma wren..they are making NOISE, now, an' it startled The Husband yesterday. They sound so funny!!


Ruth said...

Scuse me Ms nawth Carolina...your last post was April what???

Hellllo....anybody home ya'll???