Friday, February 13, 2009

Pencil drawing in my Moly!

I was sitting here and realized I hadn't done a drawing today. I had a tube of watercolor paint on the table right beside I picked up my Moly and started drawing using pencil.

But then I remembered that I have been creative today...I made a Valentine card for my DH using "My Red Heart" pen and ink that I posted yesterday. I printed it from my computer onto greeting card stock using my Hallmark Card Studio program. I told him it was a piece of my art work...then he turned the card over...saw the word Hallmark on the back of the card and told me he didn't believe me. I insisted that it was MY drawing...showed him my sketchbook and my initials on the card. Then I had to explain about the Hallmark software and how you can insert your own artwork...and he thought that was amazing....and he liked the card. He bought me a Valentine card this year. He usually makes me one and writes me a I was surprised when he gave me the card...but it was very sweet.

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