Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tuna Patties

Last night, we had tuna patties for supper...delicious! So, while I was cooking, I decided to do a quick drawing in my small Moleskine. What a "small" drawing it ends up being. I'm just not used to drawing that small. I will buy a larger Moly next time...since that would be closer to the size that I'm used to using. But this size will be nice to carry in my purse so I will have it in the event I'm somewhere with nothing to do but wait...then I'll have something to draw on.


purplepaint said...

What a great sketch!!! I'll have to look again and see if there's a recipe. :) Marva

winna said...

I like this spread very much and will make those babies very soon---just need some celery and carrots--hard to buy just one of each----well, might have to improvise..