Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sore fingers and achey shoulders...

Whew...I can really tell my age this morning. After playing my new dulcimer for the past four days...I'm getting sore fingers and achey shoulders...but I'm taking my naproxen...and coating my fingers with superglue...and "keeping on playing".

After we retire, we need to keep our minds and bodies very active...well, my body's not that active...I just can't seem to "enjoy" exercising.'s hard for me to believe that people really enjoy "stressing their bodies" to the point of exhaustion and "pure downright sweat"...well, that's what it seems like to me...even when I do a little bit, I end up "huffing and puffing"...guess that tells how long it's been since I've done very much in the way of "exercising"...or "working out"...guess that's the proper name now. do people keep up the pace of all that working out???? ...better do they get their bodies to the point where they can actually STAND it for any length of time?

But anyhow...I do exercise a bit...and I do mean just "a bit"...and I have to call it exercise...'cause it sure ain't "working out"...LOL! But...learning the dulcimer will definitely keep those brain cells active. But learning to play the dulcimer is only "one" of the things I do for pleasure and enjoyment...and keeping my brain cells working!

I also like working those Sudoku puzzles...hmmm, anyone else enjoy them???? Every time anybody comes around while I'm working them...I just have to share my secrets of how to solve them easily...'cause at first, I was wearing out my pencils and especially...the erasers.

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