Monday, April 20, 2009

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone!

In trying to step out of my comfort zone, I had lots of problems with this one. I definitely need to do some more on it...right now, I just can't figure out WHAT it is that I want to do. I'll keep looking at it for a few days and see how I feel about it then.

P.S. After brightening the colors a bit and now looks better.


Alex said...

I think it's very well executed just like any other of your paintings. THe shadowy branches at the back are nice, the leaves have lots of depth ^^ I like it!

PAK ART said...

I too like the shadowy background - it looks like dark vegetation. Not that you asked for my suggestion, but it's almost too dark in back for how light it is up front...maybe you need a mid-range tone to pull it together?

Carolyn said...

Pak Art, I think you're right. I think what's bothering me is that the background is too much the same all over. Maybe some sunlight hitting some of the vegetation will give me that variation I need.