Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting in the dark...

I was just reading the blog of a friend, Scribbles From Rabbit Hop, and it reminded me of something funny that happened to me years ago. When you have pets, you can expect the unexpected...and there's always a laugh with them.

Years ago, we lived out in the country next door to my husband's cousin and her family. We all had dogs...ours was a male...theirs was one female and one male...and their female was not spayed. When their little dog would go into heat, they'd put her in a wire pen about three to four feet off the ground...so that ALL of the numerous male dogs in the neighborhood could not get to her...but they could all stand around underneath the pen and "sniff and growl and fight".

At night, we would bring our dog inside...but one particular night, he kept whining, moaning, and barking...and we could not sleep. Finally, in desperation, I let him out thinking we would have some peace and quiet and would be able to SLEEP! Well...forget that! As soon as I opened the door, he nearly knocked me down getting through the door. Across the yard he dashed...and I went back to bed, thinking "sleep at last". I had hardly closed my eyes when the "fight was on". There was the loudest growling, snarling...and barking that I had ever heard. I put the pillow over my head to no avail. My husband finally declared to me..."you put him out...you go get him!!!!!" Oh me!!!

With me in my nightie and short at that, I put on my slippers...grabbed the broom and across the yard I stormed. I had no light...but they had a large overhead outdoor light that lit up their entire yard...and part of mine, too. Well...as I got closer, but thankfully still in a darkened area of the yard, I saw my neighbor out there in his "briefs"...hollering and chasing those dogs with his broom. Well...I nearly fell over on the ground laughing so hard...but I stiffled it as much as possible...not wanting him to see me in my nightie...but what a sight! Too bad we could not laugh over this later on...he was so quiet and reserved...and probably would never have been able to face me again.


Sharon said...

I love it! LOL

LadyTulip said...

~~ Whatta Hoot ~~

These things seem to happen with animals..an' I've never figured out Why!!


PAK ART said...

I love the story! It reminds me of when I had my first female dog which I was very protective of. She came into first heat and every male dog in the neighborhood was on my doorstep day and night. I couldn't even take her for a walk without having to kick the males off her. I got back in the house and wrote notes to the owners of all the dogs "keep your dog at home or he's going to the pound." I attached a note to every male dog. Next day, only one lonely male beagle followed me.