Friday, April 24, 2009

Yellow Clover

I've been walking around my yard today...looking for new things to paint. My yard is full of little wildflowers...and I used to call them weeds...but now that I know they have names, I think they deserve better than just being called "weeds". I found this one and I've been trying to find it's name. I've looked online and then decided to put it on my blog and see if anyone could tell me what it is...and when I started describing it with the "heart shaped leaves"...I realized that it looked similar to clover...but with yellow flowers. Then I changed my "search" and found out that it is called "yellow clover"...and it grows abundantly around here in NC.


winna said...

these Yellow clovers are sooo cheerful and the leaves are just as great. On the other site you have where I saw your paitings and jewelry--nothing else works on that site yet? Is it in the process of being done?

PAK ART said...

I'm not good at identifying plants so I'm glad you figured that out on your own. I would have just continued to call it the "pretty yellow flowers". I saw a robin today - spring is here.