Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella..."who's training who"

We've had Bella now for one week...and I'm trying to decide "who's training who"...LOL Since she's 5 years old and kind of set in her ways...and I'm a bit older and kind of set in my ways...sometimes we're having a "battle of the wills"....but we're working on it. She'll go up and down the stairs here in the house to find me, but when I'm ready for her to go "outside" can forget that, unless I carry her down the steps and out in the yard (my poor aching back)...but now, she will come back up on her own...since I walk away and leave her outside... and she certainly does not want to be out there by herself. So...we are progressing...yeah!

She's really getting used to where near as skittish, but she's still a little cautious around us. She loves to lay beside me where ever I'm sitting or I have to be careful when I stand up...not to step on her. When we walk into the room, she wags her tail and hind end...showing her excitement at seeing us.

This morning, when I came downstairs, I was expecting to see Bella either in the recliner (that she thinks is hers)...or in her bed in the living room where she usually is...or laying in the kitchen floor where she likes to lay right in the doorway where she can keep an eye on all Bella. Gosh..I wondered, where can that dog be! ...when I heard the noise of some papers rustling and there right in the middle of the dining room table sat Bella. I had my laptop on the table there where I was working last night...and I had left my chair away from the table. Well...I'll have to remember to push the chair in under the table from now on.

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PAK ART said...

I once found that a dog had been licking the butter in the butter dish on the counter...Chair was pulled out and she hopped on that and then onto counter, across the sink (that must have been funny) and over to the butter dish. It was a dachshund!