Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First night in a new house...

I put the "new dog" in the kennel for the night...since he's used to being outside all the time...and didn't hear a peep out of either him or Bella all night long. I've got to get him a "real bed" though...since he wants Bella's bed...not his nice soft comfy pillow. Bella's such a good dog, she lets him have her bed.

Also I've learned he does NOT want to be a "yard dog" anymore...he's found the comforts of the house to be more to his liking. If I leave him in the yard, he barks...and he's figured out how to slip through the bars on the fence (since he's so skinny) and run up the steps to the dining room door. He's a little booger. We've either got to fatten him up quickly...or put something between those posts so he can't get through.

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Cori Lynn Berg said...

What a sweet sweet baby!