Monday, March 2, 2009

Cards from old art work!

I'm doing a program tomorrow night for the local Artist League. It's supposed to be only 15 minutes long. For the past three years, I've done a variety of presentations for them and I've decided it is a LOT of work! It's not so bad pulling everything out...but the problem is trying to get it all put back where it was to begin with when I get home.

But anyhow, for this program, we're going to make "greeting cards" out of old art work...a way to cut them up and use them. I've posted a few examples...but I've got several more to show them. I'll try to take photos tomorrow night and post some of them.

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PAK ART said...

That's a great idea. I have portions of watercolors I've done where I like one corner of it and then never really know what to do with it. Don't want to throw it away (it's always a good learning experience) but this is a great idea. Thanks.