Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paint Shop Pro Photo XI (Corel)

I've been using Paint Shop Pro software for many years...after one of my high school art students showed me what a great program it was! One thing that was nice when I first found out about it...was that you could download a free trial version. What's better than to try out something to see if you like it before you pay for it. I think I ended up paying about $100 for the software and it was definitely well worth the price. I worked through lots of online tutorials to learn about the tools and its features...then I would pass them on to my students through various lessons that I created for them. All of my students ended up with a good working knowledge of creating artwork and manipulating digital images.

In the fall of 2007, I got a new laptop with Vista. Since most software was not compatible with Vista, I figured it was time for an their newest version which was PSP Photo XI. Since they were about to release PSP Photo X2, I got a deal and ended up getting mine for less than $50. I continued to use the same features on this new program that I was already familiar with. I hated to think of having to learn everything new that was included...along with having to learn about Vista, too. Now that I'm more familiar with Vista (I like it) and some of the other new programs, I decided to read the book that came with PSP. I hate reading manuals and how-to's. I'd rather play around first...then when I can't figure it out...ask questions or read the manual.

But...sometimes that plan backfires. I have done stuff on my computer before...clicked buttons...downloaded programs...only to have to end up "calling for help" to undo what I did. Thank goodness I purchased a three-year warranty...a VERY good idea...for me! The other day, we were watching TV and the telephone rang. Our landline telephone provider is the same as our internet provider. WELL...lo and behold...when the phone rang, the caller ID info popped up on the screen. I thought...wonderful...especially since the caller ID feature on our phone had just quit working the day before. (Side note: and since then, our entire wireless set of (4) phones have quit working and that was right after I purchased new batteries for two of them to the tune of about $30+. Does that ever happen to anyone else?...not just ONE phone...but all FOUR of them. I guess that might be...because they're all connected to the same line...and they're all wireless. Right now, they're all "no good"...will have to buy new ones. Thank goodness for one phone that we originally had before adding the set of 4 wireless phones...which we purchased to keep from paying for new jacks to be about $$$$ costs plenty to have new jacks installed.... hmmm, might be cheaper to build a new house...) Back to my caller ID popping up on the television. There were two buttons on the screen that related to two buttons on my remote. I decided to figure out what those buttons would I pushed one of them...and you guessed it...I messed up...could not get caller ID to work again. I ended having to "call for help"...but you know what...that's one way of learning...and the majority of the time, I can figure it out withOUT any help.

Back to PSP...this morning I decided to start reading the manual...because lately, I've been having some problems with some of my art work that I've scanned...colors not right, values not right, etc. OMG...they have made lots of changes in this new version...and they've addressed some of the problems I've been having. Actually, when I would be trying to adjust an image, I would...wish they had a tool that would do "this" or "that"...and now they do. may be a good idea TO read the manual when getting new software. But anyhow, I love PSP and highly recommend it!

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