Friday, March 13, 2009

New Hard Drive installed...

I've been working on my computer...installing software and downloading programs from the internet...but I'm taking my time and making sure that what I'm doing is what I REALLY want on there. It doesn't take long before you can get your computer so cluttered with stuff you never end up using that much...just sounds so good when you hear about it, that you think you've got to have it....then you find's not that great after all...just something new.

One problem I was having before I installed the new hard drive was that all of my email from Yahoo groups, plus some other regular messages...and just about ALL of my own emails...were coming in marked SPAM! It was so irritating and I tried to figure out why but couldn't. Then when I realized I had to have a new HD, I thought, "well, at least I'll get rid of that annoying "spam" problem with emails that were NOT spam.

Guess what...after the new HD was was STILL doing the same thing. Now that just irritated the "poo" out me. It bothers me when I can't figure out why something's happening and I can't find a solution. I searched the internet for a solution, I asked a Windows Vista group for a suggestion, I went to Microsoft's trouble shooting site, I called my ISP...and found no solution...and I was stymied.

Then this morning, I was going through all my new emails and saw the first one...a Welcome Message from Microsoft Windows Mail...decided...what the I read it and found the Microsoft's Help Newsgroup. So...I opened that and started reading. I couldn't exactly find my problem listed...but there was a suggestion about the antivirus program doing some weird things to people's emails. So...I went in to my anitivirus program and cut off the "spam" protection only...since Windows Mail already has a anti-spam program. VOILA!!!! My problem solved...oh, how happy that makes me!

I've restored all of my files from my online backup...except for my photos. That will probably take forever...well, at least a long time!


Margaret Ann said...

WOW!...What a hassle!!! I am so impressed you solved the problem on your own...Well done!
"Creative artist=creative thinker!!!!" :)

PAK ART said...

I sooooo hate having computer problems. Mine went kapooie when I added Norton Antivirus...but they actually have a section on their site that says "having problems since downloading Norton?" That really bugged me. Now I keep it off, and only turn it on once a week to scan for viruses, then fix them, then turn it off again. I love the flower watercolor below.