Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cold weather blues...

This cold weather is really bothering me this winter. I just seem to want to stay huddled up and wrapped up inside...not doing much. Our electric bill has increased this winter by we've turned the thermostat down to 70 degrees...and I think it's cold in here at that. Some of my friends have told me they've cut theirs back to 60 to 65 degrees...and added another layer of thermal undies. We used to always keep a fire going in the fireplace...but that creates a lot of breathing problems since both of us have allergies. I am so glad to see the sunshine this morning...and it looks like we're in for warmer weather this weekend...up to 80...after being down in the teens at night the last few nights.

I am working on a pen and ink drawing with lots of detail...that I will post when I'm finished. Yesterday, I started working on a small watercolor painting...but didn't get it finished. I'm in the process of reading Danny Gregory's "The Creative License" which I'm enjoying...and I'm also still playing around with the new "tools" in Paint Shop Pro.

Today is my dulcimer "music day". I will go play with a friend...and we are going to practice a new tune that we're working on. I need to be able to play it without having to look at the music. Also, I play with a small group of ladies and we call ourselves the "Wasp" group...and the music we play is a bit more challenging. There's one tune that we play that is "creating havoc" with me...because the fingering doesn't seem to flow as well as some other tunes...but I'm working on it.

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PAK ART said...

I can't wait to see your pen and ink....that's always been my favorite medium.