Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ben's Christmas Gift

My grandson, Ben, is only 9 months old...but I painted him a stool for Christmas...and plan to also paint a rocker and toy box to match. I chose to paint the stool with primary colors...hopefully, to help teach him the color wheel....got to start him out young learning about creating art.


Kim said...

Ben is one lucky little boy! This stool is wonderful and so colorful. He's going to love it.


Ruth said...

I love this stool...so cool...and I promise this will be a very important part of his life...and knowing that his MeeMee(?) made it just for him...is going to make it that much more special...I hope you wrote a little somethin' somethin' underneath....(:)

Tammy said...

wowow! I love this! What a fun and special present for Ben!

giggles said...

I can envision a whole room done with these pieces. So bright and fun, very much like I decorated my daughters room twenty years ago! Really nice design!

Peace Sherrie