Saturday, December 16, 2006

New stove smells

Our old kitchen stove was on it's last "leg"...oops, I mean burner...earlier this year so we decided it was definitely time for a new stove...although keeping the old stove with only one working burner...meant I didn't have to do a lot of cooking...LOL! But I guess I'd rather cook... after looking at the beautiful stove we bought...hmmm, can you call a stove "beautiful" ...yeah, I guess you could...especially after looking at the old one we had. But anyhow...when I picked out the new one, I decided to get a black stove...with the smooth ceramic cooking top rather than one with burners that are hard to keep clean. I was thinking how easy it would be to just "wipe it off" to keep it shining and clean. And to top it off, the one I chose even had an "auto clean" cycle for the oven...hmm, how "lucky" I was to find this stove.
Well...I found out that the stove DOES look great...but the ceramic top is NOT that easy to keep can't just wipe it also needs a bit of polishing...but anyhow, I do make sure I clean it every time we use it...and it is still all shiny looking like new.
We have used the oven several times and it is beginning to look like "it" needs a bit of thought I'd try out the "auto clean" today. I've been wanting to see how that works! took me a while, but I finally figured out how to get it turned on. Naturally, the model stove that I bought is a bit different than all the ones in the book. After turning on the "auto clean", I took Chloe, my little dachshund, out in the yard for a little while. About a half hour later, we went back in and when I opened the door, I could hardly breathe...the whole house smelled like melted metal and wires burning...yuck! I set up a fan and opened two doors, hoping the odor would dissipate, but it would not go away. I finally figured out how to turn the oven off. I'll just have to use a bit of oven cleaner.
I can't believe that it's safe for humans or pets to be in the house when the "auto cleaner" is on. If I decide to use it again, I'll turn it on and stay out of the house all afternoon. No more of that!

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