Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Painted Boxes for Christmas

These are the boxes I painted for the girls and loaded them with things you always need in an emergency...but never can seem to find around your house. They loved the boxes...especially the dot designs. Painting these boxes really got me into the Christmas spirit this year...I enjoyed working on them. They were given with lots of love!


Ruth said...

Carolyn, the little treasure boxes are absolutely darling. I still have my little cedar box from childhood...and my daughter still has the one I painted for her...yikes..about 30 years ago. She keeps special treasures from the past tucked neatly in her box...and goes through it often.

Thanks for sharing the pictures...brought back a lot of sweet memories for me.

Tammy said...

Carolyn! These are REALLY cool! I love them!! I am thinking more and more that making presents is the way to go! I gave a few things that I made this year and it was very fun! I always give my pickles too - and they are always appreciated! Lots of work and love go into those jars!

giggles said...

I love these beautiful boxes. Definitely a wonderful style of your own! Great job!