Friday, December 29, 2006

My Christmas gift to ME!

Back in October, I went to visit my sister who lives in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains. While I was there, I ordered a dulcimer to be made for me...for my own Christmas gift. arrived this week...finally!
I've never played a stringed instrument before...and right off the bat, I could not figure out how to tune it...and all the people I know that could help me...are on vacation this week. I had purchased a digital electronic tuner...but couldn't hardly figure it out either. So...I kept reading...and playing around with it, until I figured it out enough to play.
I've joined a local dulcimer club that meets once a I will get plenty of help...just not right now.
When I retired from teaching art a year and a half thing I said I wanted to do...was to learn to play an instrument.


Ruth said...

OMG Carolynnnn Ann...I can't believe it finally arrived. I swear just a few moments ago...I was watching Sundance Channel...watching the street musicians in NOLA...and I thought to myself dayum...I could do that...I could play my dulcimer...but wait they are both in need of guess not. Then decided to check emails and read your excited proclamation mail on AV about receiving your beauty. Ya first gotta name her...then she'll speak from your are so lucky to have a group that appreciates this amazing instrument. Once you really will never ever forget it's haunting melodies. It is the perfect OM.

Tammy said...

How fun! It is so beautiful. I love dulcimer music - the sound is just wonderful! What a fun thing to do for yourself!

Gene Black said...

I keep saying that I want to buy one..but I can barely chord the guitar. Keyboards are more my style. I can groove on my piano.

enjoy and play for YOU.