Monday, December 18, 2006

Sisters are Forever!

While sitting here this morning, reading the paper and drinking my coffee, I got to thinking about Christmases gone by...and remembering the good times when my sisters and I brought our families and gathered at our parent's home for the holidays.

While growing up, I often dreamed of moving away and traveling to faraway places...and settling down somewhere other than the town where we lived. ended up that my two sisters were the ones to move away and I was the one who stayed close to home. My Mom was my best friend...I called her every day and we shopped was so much fun doing things with my Mom.

My Mom loved Christmas and loved to decorate her house. Most years she had a small tree in our den where they spent most of their time...and a larger tree in the living room where we all gathered when we went there for the holidays.

Both of my sisters would come for Christmas with their families. It was a great time for our children to spend time together. We have always been a close knit family...and we've always had lots of fun together. I love my sisters! Sisters are forever and I'm so glad they're mine!

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